Friday, December 18, 2009

Preschool Graduation and more from iTipini

'Tis the season for all things that give us a break at Tipini. Tomorrow I head off to Durban to enjoy over a week there, plus more time off while in Mthatha. The build up to this break has been quite something. One of the big events pre-break has been the preschool graduation, which is a really really big deal for the whole community here. It's hard to describe if you haven't witnessed it first hand, but imagine organized chaos that is filled with dancing, laughing and children with big big grins on their faces and you've got a decent idea of what went on. Here are some pictures:

Aside from this, we've had our Community Project Staff dinner, a big Christmas celebration at Bedford hospital, where I reside, and other fun and similar get-togethers  around Mthatha.

I've gotten more used to the rhythm of other volunteers coming and going a month and-a-half or so at a time. I must admit that it is difficult to lay down the solid roots of friendship and then have to wave goodbye at a plane speeding away with a months worth of relationship building on it. Se la vi. Nonetheless, each of these people have been blessings, and I continue to learn and (hopefully) grow each day. Where God is leading me, I do not know, and when I'll get wherever this place is is even foggier. But as the Advent meditation guide put out by the national church for young adults points out, Abraham had less of a clue than anyone, and he dropped all at God's mere words to discover what lies beyond for him. Here's hoping I continue to feel God holding my hand as each day seems to fly by.

I promise to be a bit more regular with the New Year. Thank you for reading, and as you go into the Christmas mode after this Advent, may you see that the mysteries of God always end in a love for you and for all of us for whom his son was sent.

The blessings of Christ be upon each of you always.