Friday, August 14, 2009

One more day to go...

Well, the time is nigh. I've managed to finally get a camera, so this whole thing will look a bit more appealing once I hit the ground Monday. I'm doing my last minute packing, the last good-byes have been done at church, and I'm mostly ready.

I apologize for never having written much so far, that's due mostly to the fact that I'm very very busy, even on break at home. When I do find time to do this I'm being pushed to get going usually, and on top of that I have dial-up at home. So, soon, I hope that there will be a blossoming of my posts, both more (a few at least) and longer, and again, with picture.

I get to spend two days in a plane or airport soon. Pray that I get through that with my sanity.

Stay tuned.

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