Thursday, March 11, 2010

Trials, Tribulations, Patience and Clarity Part II

Now that I find myself back in Mthatha, staring at a little over 90 days left in my time here, I keep thinking about what there is left to do and what I've done.

One thing that has been a source of near constant aggravation has been the after-school reading group that Jesse Zinc started but that I have not been successful in keeping up. I've tried bribery (snacks, pizza, a promise of a movie night). I've tried being just nice ("it's ok that you've not come in over a month, just come back next week and try to do better!"). I've tried being outwardly annoyed ("ok gang, this just isn't working when only three people show up, and not even the same three people."). The group has not met once since early December. I tried to restart the group yesterday, but no one showed up.

Something I truly enjoy is taking care of the TB patients and all of the things they need. As a result, I have made very very good friends at the local government clinic which we are under the purview of. This in turn has led to a much easier flow of information on patients and treatments which simply were not present when I arrived. Huzzah, success!

In mid to late April Jenny will be off to the US for fund raising for a period of nearly 3 weeks, which leaves me and Dorothy at the clinic to manage things. The end of that time will mark the half-way point from my return to SA to my journey back home.

Mostly though, I continue to pray that my time here is fruitful, and that God blesses all that we try to do in his name. Prayers are always welcomed, thank you all for reading!

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