Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still up North, but not for long!

The 76th General Convention is fast approaching, and I have to get prepared. Frankly, everything about GenCon and Anaheim is, figuratively, worlds away from my mind right now. Bad, yes? Well, I know there will be much to do when I get there, so don't worry about reality snapping me directly into action in the very near future. The resolutions that will come forward and the issues surrounding them will very soon consume my being. It's not a bad thing, it's a beautiful thing, the church in action, at least legislatively. Particular interest for me will revolve around the church's global mission, as that will be my life in about a month-and-a-half's time. So, expect me to blog a bit about that, since it is very near to the purpose of this site. Why not inform you of the greater church's roll in the world of mission and volunteerism?

However, I will not be writing at all about other issues at General Convention, nor expressing my opinions of them. The reason is that they will have little to do with the purpose of this site. Inter-church political issues were not the reason this site was put up. The mission issues are directly relative here, though, and you will be hearing about them, with little to no opinions being issued from me. This site is informative, not a political sounding board. Expect the facts, not my views.

Still trying to think of the format for the site upon arrival in mid-August. Right now I'm thinking that there will be a post at least once of week, towards the end of each, where I'll tell you about the 5 coolest things I've seen, done, or experienced since the last post. Any suggestions are welcome, but don't expect me to carry them out. :-P

More to come, as usual, and thank you. God bless.

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